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Hello, if you are looking for film or video production services and local filming coordination in any city of India, Pl fill up the below form with all your requirements! We will be revert back to you with all details, guidance and location suggestions ! 


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  1. Submit your script or story boards for evaluations!
  2. Provide specific details of requirements!
  3. We will evaluate the budget, locations, and other necessities.


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Disclaimer: All logo and equipments shown on website belongs to respective owners and not essentially own by us, all images are for information and educational and help line guidance purpose only to filmmakers! We don’t export or import or sell or own any equipment as well as don’t employ any crews! cinedreams is a registered proprietorship concern, "availability of equpments" means availability in that particular city and not with us. this is an information! "can be arrenged" means arrengement from nearest city where it's available. Show Reel, client list, reference contacts available on Request!

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Cine Dreams is india based film & video production house having base at mumbai & new delhi! we can act local production fixer production coordinator for independent documentary filmmakers , ad agency , television series looking for line production coordination anywhere in india & hyderabad or rajasthan ! we can assure highest standards & quality results are our supreme priority ,So far we have very successfully done projects in major cities of india and provided one stop production shooting coordination.


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Please do get in touch our 24*7​ hrs​​​ help line, We try to reply instantly or ​kindly ​email all details, We will get back to you with all informations ​ !


what's app +91 8-369-120-296
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