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In the filmmaking and entertainment world the digital scenario changing at a random speed, viral videos are becoming more popular than ever!

in rapid changing  technology, the instant content is available on smart phones and the market share is increasing at rocket phase, short filmmakers has dominated the filmmaking market as well as big players are also jumping in to explore this market by creating own YouTube channels and producing and putting content on it !

You tube work on revenue sharing algorithmin many countries, many companies has taken this to very high professional level and over the years they have surplus the main stream cinema ,  in India this is an emerging market and yet to capture to full potential

There are still misconception in market about channels and ad revenues sharing,many people has created video and short films but don’t have adequate knowledge to get revenue to fullest, we at cinedreams can create content on your behalf and distribute to one of the biggest channels who has subscription in millions already as well has tie up with you tube MCN,manymakersareopeningtheir own channels but monetizing does not take effectively and they don’t get return!

At that stage we can be great help to  open channels on your behalf and distribute the content under biggest channel at profit sharing basis in this way it is win –win situation for both of parties as for new comer to make millions of subscriptions take many years which they get readymade !

If you have already have any content like old films produce by you,tv series, music videos,bhajan, and short films any simply any content which you think has great potential to come on you tube and earn money, there is demand for all kind of genre be it comedy or thriller or spiritual or horror or mature content, kindly do get in touch and let us discuss and we take it PROFITS!



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We get inquires from all over the world, related to every department of film making so the humble way to answer is the ready list! In case if it does not answer you quires. Pl doesn't hesitate to write us, we will response as soon as possible !

What about the government policy for filming in India? 
The Indian government is very supportive and encourages foreign filmmakers to shoot in India, you need filming permits for that and need to apply well in advance, kindly contact for more details!

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